Beautiful Wedding Photography by Darren Williams

Model and portrait photography (Strobist with RadioPoppers)

I’m a wedding photographer but I also do portrait and model portfolio photography.  I’d like to share two recent photo shoots with you.  One is of Sarah and and one of Zoe.

For the photography geeks among you all pictures were shot strobist style with off camera flash using the Nikon Creative Lighting System TTL technology triggered by RadioPoppers.

Zoe Jones

I had a fantastic time with Zoe a couple of weeks ago in and around Denbigh, here in North Wales.  The first pictures are of Zoe at a derelict barn on Denbigh Moors.  It looks warm but Zoe reassures me that it was far from warm.

And for the second location (and a change of clothes):  In Denbigh ..

Sarah Ellis

We spent a great morning in and around the Denbighshire countryside looking for suitable locations.  The first location was Llanfair TH, Denbighshire, and the second location was somewhere (in the middle of nowhere) close to Llanfair TH.  We were interrupted by a cool looking couple on an awesome motorbike, who just happened to be Dawn and Mark whose wedding I photographed this summer at Bodelwyddan Castle and who happen to be the couple on the banner photograph for this blog (the couple outside Bodelwyddan Castle).

Please feel free to call me if you are interested in me photographing your portfolio or if you would like me to just take your portrait.

Photography lessons and coaching is available for those budding photographers among you – just give me a shout.  You can get my details from the contact page on this blog or from


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