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Why choose a professional wedding photographer and why do they cost so much?

I thought I’d write this article in order to answer a couple of issues that were raised at the wedding fayre I attended today. A couple of brides told me that they would be using family or friends to photograph their wedding, and I was also asked why do professional photographers charge so much. I hope this answers these issues.

OK, so we all know uncle Bob. He’s been a keen amateur photographer for 30 years. He has an expensive camera and takes a really good picture. In fact, he’s a really nice guy and you couldn’t think of having a nicer guy to photograph your wedding. So what do you say when uncle Bob offers to photograph your wedding for free as a wedding present. Awesome! You’ll save a lot of money which in this day and age could be better spent elsewhere – or could it? Before deciding on uncle Bob vs. a professional photographer, please read this.

North Wales Wedding Photographer


OK, so uncle Bob takes a good photograph, but can he photograph your wedding from bridal preparation to first dance, in different weather and light conditions, taking some 200 photographs without missing something important? Will he know the flow of a wedding so that he’s able to anticipate what happens next? Will he be able to produce the same standard of photography during the bridal prep, during the arrivals when it rains, in the dark church where he can’t use flash, during your portraits when it is so bright that the sun causes shadows under your eyes and nose (we call it pander eyes), and through to the dark first dance, with flashing coloured lights where the room is so dark? It is only with experience that a wedding photographer builds the necessary skills to enable them to cope with the wide ranging conditions that occur at EVERY wedding. Can uncle Bob produce 200 or so images of your day, all of the highest standard, without missing any of the important parts, and can he cope with anything that the UK’s fine weather conditions may throw at him? I certainly can, but I very much doubt that uncle Bob can.

wedding photographer north wales

Professional photography experience

I have experience of many different types of weddings from small registry office weddings to large (300+ guests) at some of the country’s finest venues, and can show you examples of these.

I can also show you examples of weddings where it has rained all day, winter weddings and summer weddings.

As a professional wedding photographer I am able to cope in dark churches where the use of flash photography is prohibited, and in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow or even bright sunlight which often leaves unsightly shadows under the eyes and nose, and still produce top quality professional images.

As professional photographer I am able to advise you on many aspects of your wedding day in order to help it run smoothly.

Professional equipment

As professional photographer I invest in the highest quality equipment costing thousands of pounds, and I have a full set of professional backup equipment.

Equipment fails sometimes, and if that happens I am able to pick up a backup camera and continue photographing your wedding without missing anything.

The other advantage of professional equipment is that it enables you to shoot more natural, sharper and realistic looking photographs, in a wider variety of situations, at a faster rate, at a much higher quality, for longer. Many professional cameras are 12 mega-pixel cameras but when compared with amateur cameras which are now often 14 mega-pixels, the image sensor is twice as big and so are the mega-pixels, which makes for a larger and clearer image.


I am fully insured and would be happy to show you the relevant documents. In fact, many venues insist that your photographer is insured before working there. For example, this is a requirement for any photographer working at Bodelwyddan Castle. You will also find that uncle Bob will not be able to get himself insured because he is not a professional photographer, and would therefore be considered to be too much of a risk.

Professional quality products and albums

Most professional album suppliers only supply to professional wedding photographers, and insist on viewing your website and examples of your work before you can open an account with them. Having professional photographs in their albums is important to them in order to maintain the their image.

Even if I’m only supplying digital images for your wedding package it is important to note that my professional camera produces larger, better quality and clearer images than uncle Bob’s camera can produce, no matter how good a photographer he is.


Your wedding is the one of the most important days of your life, if not THE most important day of your life. It only happens once, and whoever you choose to photograph it only has one chance to get it right. Once something is missed, you can never get it back. You spend thousands on your dress, thousands on your venue, your cars, cake and all the other little details that make it perfect. Do you really want to trust uncle Bob with photographing your wedding?


2 responses

  1. Ok so what’s more important to spend money on
    On your wedding day is it a beautiful gown, exotic flowers or delicious food?
    Well the answer could be any of the above but just remember yes you want a gorgeous gown but after spending lots of money it lives in a beautiful box for the rest of your lives, flowers smell beautiful and can decorate and transform the ugliest venue, everybody loves good food but can you really remember what you eat at the
    last wedding you attended??
    The answer to the question should be to spend less on other things and more on your photographer after all these photos are going to be displayed every day for all to see!
    A good photographer will catch every magical moment of your wonderful day, he will see things and capture treasured memories forever.

    19/10/2010 at 1:16 am

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to post this comment. I totally agree with what you said and this brings a new perspective on what I have written.

      19/10/2010 at 4:24 pm

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