Beautiful Wedding Photography by Darren Williams

Award Winning Wedding Photographer!

I regularly put my pictures up for critique by other photographers, on various forums, flickr, and the like.  It’s good practice because although you the public may like my pictures, that doesn’t mean that they are technically good so I was pleased to find that I won a Silver and a Bronze in the SWPP monthly competition for November.

I am proud to be a member of the SWPP (the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers).  Rather than write about them, I’ll directly quote what the SWPP write about themselves:

Why Choose an SWPP member

The choice of a Professional Photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your Wedding – Family Portrait – Commercial Shoot or any other special assignment.

There are hundreds of photographers in the world to choose from.  How do you decide?

All photographers are not alike!  True Professional Photographers who want to further their career belong to the SWPP

This association, founded in 1989, boasts membership of only the most enthusiastic photographers who want to share their experience and build a photographic community rivalled by none .

SWPP  members benefit from continuous education in the field through Europe’s largest Convention,  regular meetings and programs, access to educational materials, and sharing knowledge with their peers.

SWPP has a strict Code of Ethics that is rigidly enforced to ensure the consumer is not only hiring a talented photographer, but also one with impeccable business practices.

Don’t settle for less.  Hire a Photographer who is a member of the SWPP  You’ll be glad you did!


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