Beautiful Wedding Photography by Darren Williams

Rachel & Dave – North Wales Event Photographer

I had a lovely time yesterday evening photographing Rachel and Dave’s wedding reception in Clawddnewydd.  You’ll remember Rachel and Dave from the recent pre-wedding photography session posted recently on this blog.  They were married in Lapland and asked me to photograph the people they were unable to have photographs with at their wedding.

Another FREEZING cold day, Clawddnewydd was shrouded in snow but because it was an evening event we were unable to have photographs outside.  With most of the space taken up by people having a great time, it was a case of ‘backs to the wall’ in more ways than one with the photography.  It’s great what you can do with some small lights and a magnolia wall, and of course some amazing people.  There was no room for a backdrop (which I ended up using as a partition).  With a small studio set up, it was more akin to event photography.  Here are some of their pictures:


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